Heating times are a suggestion, which will vary with each appliance and in different environments. Each Wheat Pack is supplied with a recommended heating time, however we suggest you monitor the product at 20 second intervals during the first heating, to ascertain the prime heating time with your specific appliance and for your needs. Never heat more than 150% of the maximum recommended time: e.g. if the maximum heat time is 2 minutes, do not exceed 3 minutes. Ensure the product is dry, and do not place anything else in the microwave while heating. Test the heat pack on your forearm prior to use. Be extremely cautious with children, the elders and those with sensitive skin. Allow the heat pack to cool before reheating, so that it is not overheated. We do not recommend using the heat pack as a bed or towel warmer. If a burning smell is detected upon use, immediately discontinue use and contact us or discard safely. Wheat packs are not recommended for young children or infants. 
To freeze, first place the Wheat Pack into a plastic bag, seal, and leave in freezer until it reaches desired temperature. Do not leave in freezer longer than 24 hours or freeze burn may cause wheat to loose its efficacy. Ensure bag is fully defrosted and returned to room temperature before heating. Ensure bag is dry before storing. Test frozen bag on forearm, and be aware skin my be sensitive to cold so always use with caution. Not recommended to be applied directly onto skin when frozen, and not recommended for young children or infants. 
Ensure Wheat Pack is completely dry before storing in a cool, dry location.  It is recommended to heat the Wheat Pack every 30 days to ensure it stays fresh, and regularly check the Wheat Pack for dust or dirt. Be aware some insects may love the wheat and herbs, so if needed store in a sealed plastic container.