What is Marjoram?

Majoram is a herb that not many people are familiar with, yet it has some amazing health benefits, is great as a garnish in some yummy dishes, and has an interesting back story, too!
Marjoram is a plant, more specifically a herb, usually used as a cooking spice. Interestingly, in early Greek mythology the goddess of love, known as Aphrodite, grew marjoram and regarded it as a love potion. Fascinating stuff! But what else is it used for?
Marjoram is an aromatic herb in the mint family, with potent applications in healthcare thanks to its incredible anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Marjoram looks similar to oregano, another popular herb in the mint family, yet has a distinct smell and flavour that sets it apart.  Marjoram has a floral and woodsy scent and taste and is used either in dishes or as a garnish. 
Medicinally, marjoram is renowned for its health benefits. Marjoram is known to assist in digestion, reducing bloating and discomfort. Marjoram is also used to help menstruation, thanks to it’s anti-inflammatory properties. 
You’ll find marjoram in our SLEEP range of products. We selected the highest quality, organic marjoram essential oil specifically to assist with relaxation and to induce a restful sleep. Apply the SLEEP magnesium custard prior to hopping into bed, to the feet, shoulders, neck, or any area of the body that feels tight. Both the active ingredients in the custard as well as the aroma will work to assist with sleep and relaxation. Use the SLEEP magnesium spray or hydrating spray prior to bed for an extra  restful sleep. 

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